KBR Group is helping the financial sector to grow and become stronger. Our advisory can be broken down into two parts. In order to lower their risk/capital consumption, KBR assists banks and asset relief funds through advisory on the rundown of non-strategic portfolios or through the advisory on the implementation asset/balance sheet relief programs. In parallel, KBR Group also advises both public and private sector banks on the development of new asset strategies and optimizing their refinancing of growth portfolios. KBR Group has assembled a team with deep experience in working with both private and multilateral banks and offers its clients both this experience and our excellent network in the sector.

Typical clients include

  • Unresolved asset relief banks
  • Public sector and infrastructure banks
  • Non strategic portfolios
  • Public, private and multilateral development banks
  • Consumer finance companies


  • Advisory on the management and/or rundown of non-strategic portfolios of public sector related assets
  • Advisory on the development and implementation of asset relief programs
  • Advisory on the optimization of capital consumption
  • Development of new asset strategies